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Martin Gadsby Redefines PAT for Manufacturing Environments

For years, gurus have suggested that the P in PAT should be emphasized, to focus on process understanding rather than the analytics and technology involved.  Success has been mixed.  Maybe it was asking too much of people to think first of their processes?  Should it be framed in less idealistic and more pragmatic and business-oriented terms? In an article outlining a structured and practical approach to applying PAT to manufacturing environments, Martin Gadsby, Director of Optimal Automation, Ltd., redefines the three-letter acronym, as the “practical application of technology.”   Here is his article, recently published on

Company Profile: Umetrics

About Umetrics

Umetrics develops software for design of experiments and multivariate data analysis, for the individual user as well as for on-line continuous and batch processes. They provide training at more than 25 locations worldwide and on-site consulting services. They are committed to supporting their clients in their mission to take control over their data flow, by conveying our advanced expertise in multivariate technology.