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An Invitation from PMcG Consulting to Attend the 5th Evening QbD Discussion Group

This discussion group activity provides the opportunity to get up to speed with the current status and future trends of analytical method qualification.

Guest speaker will be:

Dr. Phil Nethercote, Glaxo SmithKline Inc.

Dr. Nethercote will present the background to GSKs work in developing a QbD and approach to analytical method development. In his discussion he will address the reason for adopting this approach, what was involved and some of the tools that were used.

Finally Dr. Nethercote will discuss challenges and issues that GSK face with implementation of this approach in a major global company and getting the regulators/pharmacopeia’s on board.

Add your questions and opinions and it promises to be a very interesting evening. The session will start with refreshments, a short presentation followed by an open discussion.